Sawyer: 5 Months (1/6/15)

As one of my New Year’s Resolutions (however, I say that lightly because I try not to expect too much of me to keep me from getting stressed out and disappointed, because almost always a child’s need gets in the way of my desires/to-do list) I want to blog more as opposed to posting on Facebook.

It’s quite funny to me how my last post on this blog was ‘Life with 2’, right after I had Carson.  Now this post is my Life with 3 babies!!

Anyways, Sawyer is 5 months old today!! How that happened, I do not know.  Time just keeps passing by and I feel like I just had him yesterday.  It seriously blows my mind that he is almost half a year old.

IMG_2783This “little” Ninja Turtle is in a 12 month sleeper in the above picture!!  Here are a few facts about Sawyer at 5 months old:

  • We all call him “Soy-Soy” (or Carson or Aiven…hahaha)
  • At 4 months old he was 18 lbs, so he’s probably a bit bigger now
  • He sleeps through the night (7:30pm till 5:30-7am)
  • He seems to be an early riser like big brother Aiven (Of course being a morning person had to be passed down from me to 2 of my 3 kids)
  • He still loves to be swaddled when going to sleep
  • Nurses only, every 2.5-3 hours
  • Is SO happy when you talk to him – usually starts cracking up 🙂
  • LOVES his brothers
  • Aiven sings to him, tells him stories, and prays with him
  • Is SO ticklish, especially on his neck
  • Has the deepest and cutest dimples
  • Prefers to be rocked to sleep 🙂

Big brothers Aiven & Carson have to get in the photo shoot too of course, and they get a little rowdy…

IMG_2789 IMG_2805

Here is a little recap of all his monthly photos:



IMG_2311 IMG_2346


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