Life with 2

I have 2 children…I am a mom to 2 boys. No matter how I say it, it is still hard to believe sometimes!!  I feel so blessed that the Lord has given me 2 beautiful children.  🙂

Adding another kiddo to the family is definitely different!  My days are more challenging and definitely more tiring…but extra sweet, and this is why:

Most days I don’t get dressed, brush my teeth, or do a thing to my hair till late afternoon, sometimes the evening, or sometimes not at all.  My house is pretty filthy and dishes are usually piled in the sink.  But my boys are happy, full, and clean.  I’m hoping we eventually get into a better routine as Carson gets older – but for now I’m OK with holding a crying or sleeping baby, nursing every 3 hours, trying to keep a 19 month old alive and loving life, and taking naps when I can, instead of cleaning 🙂



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