Christmases (Part 1)

So with James and I both having 2 sets of parents we spend most of December having Christmases.  So this is Part 1 of my “Christmases” series. 🙂

This year (2014) our first Christmas was the big Faske Christmas on Saturday, December 6th with James’ extended family.  This year it was at Steven & Jodie Faske’s house in Bastrop, TX.  Faske Christmas includes James’ Dad and Step-mom Lisa, sister Christina, Granny and Grandpa, his aunts and uncles, and all the cousins.  In just 4 years all of us “kids” have added EIGHT children to the family.  Needless to say this years Faske Christmas was bursting at the seems with little ones!  Was it chaotic? Yes. But was it fun and so full of love? DEFINITELY. It is so neat to see a family grow!!

We spent the day talking, eating, rocking & feeding babies, watching the kids wrestle in the yard, and doing our Faske Girl/Faske Guy gift exchange.  Every year before we do the gift exchange we read the Christmas Story from the Bible and sing various Christmas songs.  I love being a part of this family!!

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2 thoughts on “Christmases (Part 1)

  1. It really was perfect weather!!! Could not imagine everyone being in the house for the day but , knowing Jodie , it would have worked!!! I look forward to Faske Christmas every year and am amazed at how the kids grow and change😍😍😍😍

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