Hello! Welcome to our blog!

When I started this blog  5 years ago my husband and I had one son, we lived in a rent house, I stayed at home with our son, and my husband worked at Rockwell Collins. I started this blog as a way to keep kind of a “journal” for my family.  I’ve not been consistent in keeping up with posts, but I’m thankful for the posts I have written.

Fast forward 5 years and we now have 3 sons, have had 4 job changes, bought a house, sold said house, bought land, bought and renovated an Airstream, lived & traveled in it for 3 months, bought another RV, are selling the Airstream for a profit, are some times traveling, and sometimes slowly making our land livable and house-building ready!

We also home school our boys and love Jesus.  🙂 Whenever I do write a blog post it’s for me to remember these times in my life! But I would love if you follow along too! 🙂



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