Our New Adventure: What’s the Plan?

I’ve had several people ask me what our plans are when we move out of the house, so I figured I’d write a post about it. 🙂  Sunday, November 13th is the day we need to be out of the house, so we have exactly a week from today.  The Airstream is still not  finished, but should be by today!  We still need to install the desk & kitchen counter tops.  There are a few projects that we have decided to put on hold until December because we have too much else to do to finish them, but they’re projects that aren’t necessary for us living in the Airstream.

We had a garage sale yesterday to sell most all of our belongings except what we’re taking with us & what we’re putting in storage.  20161105_0848451It went really well! We sold pretty much everything except our desk, the blue rocking chair I’ve rocked my babies in (*tear*), and a few other little things.  Our house is now basically empty, except for our beds, which is weird, but relieving at this point too.  20161106_0846371

This next week will be spent finishing up the Airstream, moving into it, taking a few pieces of furniture to a storage unit, selling our fridge, washer, and dryer, and cleaning up the house.

Then what?!  We hope to head to James’ dad & step-moms house Sunday evening (they live about 3 hours away in Marquez, TX), then Monday or Tuesday keep going down to Lake Jackson, TX to stay with really good friends of ours (The Barnes’) that moved away from Denton last year.  We’ll stay with them for probably a week.  Their parents have some BEAUTIFUL land down there, already equipped with RV hookups!  Then the week of Thanksgiving we will head to Austin to spend Thanksgiving with James’ mom & sister.  The weekend after Thanksgiving we will probably head back to Denton because…Gilmore Girls & best friend. 😀 We plan to spend December in Denton having family Christmases, doing projects in the Airstream that we’ve put on hold, and working on getting electric & a driveway on our land!

THEN the day after Christmas we will head off on our first out-of-state trip!  We think we will be heading to some where in Florida!  Truthfully we have no idea what this adventure will look like for us after that.   It may look like us going out for 2-4 week trips and then coming back to our land for a time.  Or it may look like us going out and being gone for months at a time.  We are really just playing this thing by ear and trying not to have too many expectations other than the expectation that this way of life will definitely be an adjustment. 😉



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