Big Bend National Park: Part 2

The morning of Wednesday, December 28th we woke up to a beautiful sunrise!20161228_074359

We stayed at Big Bend Resort & Adventures and from what we could tell when we drove around, this was the nicest RV park on the outskirts of Big Bend.  They had at least one tree on each site and a nice section of grass with a picnic table & grill.

After we ate breakfast we got ready to head out to Big Bend!  Our plan was to stay gone all day, so I packed us a lunch and anything else I thought we might need.20161228_091740

To get to our first destination we took a gravel road.  It was bumpy but beautiful!  We stopped along the road to explore a little bit.  We all (including Hudson) loved it!20161228_10042320161228_10111620161228_101233

We then went on to the Santa Elena Canyon where we planned to have lunch and explore the river.  When we got there, we got out of the truck and got all ready – but right before we headed towards the water a Park Ranger stopped us and told us Hudson wasn’t allowed to come.  I responded to her with, “crap”.  Probably not my best choice of word.  So we decided to go exploring in shifts, then we would take him back to the Airstream.  I went first with Aiven and Carson, while James, Sawyer, and Hudson stayed behind to have lunch.

The boys LOVED exploring, finding rocks, throwing rocks, and finding their way through various trails. 20161228_11090720161228_111602

Then James and Sawyer went while the other boys and I had lunch.unnamedunnamed-2

While they were gone the boys found things to look at and draw in their nature journals we got them for Christmas!20161228_11390520161228_113925

Then we took the Scenic Byway to take Hudson back home.  But we stopped a bit on the way.20161228_12161520161228_12422720161228_13095120161228_131012

We relaxed for a little while when we got to the Airstream and then we went back out to go to the Chisos Mountain Basin to watch the sunset in “The Window”.  They had a handicap accessible path to a great view of “The Window”, which was great for the kids to walk.  It was cloudy so there wasn’t much of a sunset to enjoy, but it was still beautiful!! After that we ate at the restaurant that was in the Basin – which had a great view!20161228_172956

Big Bend Nation Park: Part 3 Coming Soon…!