Big Bend National Park: Part 1

James had the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day off work, so we finally set out on our first trip!  We chose to go to Big Bend National Park and it has been awesome!!

We left the day after Christmas and made it to Midland, TX.  The boys did good in the car most of the time, although at some points they got a little crazy and we had to enforce a “quiet time”.  Hudson rides in the back with them and it gets pretty tight, but as long as he’s with us, he’s happy…even if he’s getting kicked. :-/ We stopped in Abilene for dinner and saw a beautiful sunset!

We got to Midland around 9:30 PM and we boondocked in a Wal-Mart parking lot!  It was our first experience doing that and it went really well!  There were other RV’s there as well.  The boys fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow and James and I stayed up late and watched a show on Netflix, then fell asleep to the highway cars passing by.  It was fun to experience something new and really, all of this is new to us!!


Tuesday morning, we did a Starbucks run, bought breakfast supplies in Wal-Mart and hit the road! Neither of us had ever been out West this far (in TX).  The drive was boring, neat, and stinky in some parts.  It was so awesome seeing the first view of mountains in the distance!


Our cat Cider also rides in the car with us.  She doesn’t necessarily like it, but she makes due. 😉


After what seemed like the longest driving day ever, we finally made it to our RV Park, Big Bend Resort & Adventures, which is right on the outskirts of Big Bend National Park.  We were one of five Airstreams there!  It’s so fun to see other Airstreams!  20161227_14150820161227_154604

After we got all set up, we went out on our first exploring adventure to Ghost Town. The boys had so much fun running around and giving us heart attacks as they would run towards the edge of a cliff.  Aiven kept saying, “This is so awesome, I never want to leave here!”


We also found a cave that was part of an abandoned mine that the boys were too scared to go into. 🙂


That night we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Chili Pepper.  It was pretty good, but there was only ONE waitress in a FULL restaurant, so it took forever, but we weren’t in any hurry!

More about our Big Bend adventure in another post…


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