Sawyer Wesley: 6 months


Our smiley Sawyer turned 6 months old on February 6th!  It seriously that he is half a year old.  And I’m really going to freak out when we celebrate his 1 year birthday tomorrow.  Okay, not really tomorrow, but by the time his first birthday comes around it will feel like it was “tomorrow”!

Here are a few 6-month-old Sawyer facts:

  • Sleeps on his tummy ONLY
  • Isn’t swaddled anymore, but loves his Zipadeezip!
  • Tried avocado a week or so ago.  First bite, he chewed it and swallowed it like he’s been eating solid food his whole life. Second & third bite, made a silly face and spit it right out. 🙂
  • Is such a large baby.  Wears 12 month clothing, even though I am still trying to squeeze him into 6-9 month stuff.
  • Can roll back-to-tummy and tummy-to-back
  • Can sit up on his own for a little bit before falling sideways
  • Loves blowing raspberries with his mouth
  • Loves to look in the mirror
  • Sleeps all night (6:30/7pm – 6/7am) (most every night)
  • Takes 3 naps a day
  • Still loves to be rocked!
  • Loves to be talked to and played with
  • Loves his jumper (thanks Taylor!)
  • Loves to grab the face of whoever is talking to him 🙂
  • Doesn’t have any teeth, but I think his bottom two are working there way through
  • Is so darn sweet!!!!

IMG_3335 IMG_3322 IMG_3315IMG_3318IMG_3321


One thought on “Sawyer Wesley: 6 months

  1. Holly….Sawyer is so adorable. Love that he & our “Jack Denton” are just 2 days apart. He was in FL Sunday for his 1/2 year-day. Would be fun to get them together some time…LOVE HIS SMILING FACE!!!

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