January Recap

At the end of each month I want to do a monthly “recap” post filled with all the little things that happened through out the month that aren’t necessarily worthy of a separate blog post.

So here are a few things that happened this month:

  • We celebrated the New Year!!  With 3 small children we partied hard at home, with a cartoon ball drop countdown…at 7:30 pm.

20141231_184112 20141231_192143 20141231_193329

  • James made a {huge} work bench!


  • 3 of the same sweater problem..Daddy puts Sawyer’s sweater on Carson 😉
  • Books before bed
  • Visits from Nana (aka my sanity-saver)20150105_123246
  • My growing Soy-Soy in 12-month Ninja Turtle footie pj’s 20150105_193052
  • Aiven “teaching” Carson how to ride a bike 🙂20150107_170919
  • Drooling baby who on January 9th rolled from tummy to back for the first time and on January 31st rolled from back to tummy for the first time!20150109_103052
  • What Hudson does at around 4 pm every week day…looking for Daddy 🙂
  • Brief moments of quiet reading while I nurse Sawyer
  • Aiven putting both legs in one!20150113_122732
  • This face.20150113_151156
  • The boys tried Pop Rocks for the first time:20150114_113351 20150114_113354 20150114_113359 20150114_113407
  • Reading eye-spy books with Papaw 20150114_183347
  • Finally adding Sawyer to this frame (my 3 little babies!!!) 20150115_131321
  • Breaking my glasses in the middle of the night by dropping my glass water bottle on them…20150117_074940
  • And my awesome hubby “fixing” my glasses so I can wear them (at night, in our home) till my new ones come in.  Attractive, I know. 20150117_174935
  • Having my story-time audience increase by one! 🙂20150107_114129
  • Fixing things with Oliver 🙂
  • Playing baseball in the backyard with the bases Aiven got for Christmas
  • 20150119_155159 20150119_155203


  • Aiven always having his “fighters” stuck in his pants 🙂


  • Trip to Costco with Nana.  Sawyers first time to ride in the cart!
  • Lunch with Nana at Steak & Shake20150120_12370020150120_123811
  • Eating lunch in the bath tub because they got SO dirty playing outside20150121_11582820150121_115832
  • Then getting each other clean20150121_12050620150121_120514
  • Sawyer transitioning from a swaddle to a Zippadee-Zip


  • Finding Aiven wearing my trial pair of glasses from Warby Parker


  • Bath time cuteness with this “little” baby20150125_17132520150125_172149
  • Nap time bedhead 20150126_142912
  • Taking a (2 second) break from playing outside20150126_154839
  • ENJOYING the crazy awesome Texas January weather!!!20150127_12335720150127_12352820150127_165201
  • Cracking up every time this kid went down the slide because of his hair!20150127_17301520150127_17282920150127_172833
  • After nap selfies with 2 of my 3 boys 🙂  20150128_14052820150128_140531

And there’s a little recap of all the in-between things that went on this January 2015!!


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