Aiven is FOUR! (Part 2)

We had a birthday party for Aiven the Saturday after his actual birthday.  He wanted a Superhero themed party.  He loves wearing capes & fighting bad guys! 🙂 But of course, he didn’t wear a cape or mask for his entire party!!

I didn’t do too much for decorations.  My mom and I just hung up some black streamers to look like a spider web and put up some “pow!” signs.

IMG_4867 I also grabbed all the capes we had (which was quite a few) and threw them in a basket with this sign above:IMG_4868Out back we had a small bounce house and a little pool and our newly made (by my mom & step-dad) outdoor kitchen!!!  The kids had a blast!! And luckily it wasn’t too hot in the shade, so us adults enjoyed visiting outside & watching the kids play.IMG_4895IMG_4888 IMG_4894IMG_4906 IMG_4909 IMG_4913I bought blow-up “fighting” toys at Dollar Tree – those were fun. haha 🙂 IMG_4883 IMG_4880IMG_4879 IMG_4881The boys also got to chase a “bad guy” (aka my step-dad) with their inflatable weapons and then tied him up with streamers!  I didn’t get any pictures because I was too worried the kids would hurt the “bad guy”. 😉

Then we opened presents outside.  Aiven got some wonderful presents that he has really enjoyed playing with ever since!! IMG_4922 IMG_4928 IMG_4925

IMG_4935 IMG_4937 IMG_4941IMG_4947IMG_4953He even got something to punch (something other than his brother)!!IMG_4956 IMG_4957IMG_4959And THEN all of a sudden…SPIDERMAN CAME TO THE PARTY!….and scared all the kids! lol!  He’s in the background in these pictures – but these pictures are pretty good of Mikey shooting Sarah with a water gun!! IMG_4968IMG_4969IMG_4972IMG_4976Then we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and had rice crispy treat cake & cookies!IMG_4996IMG_5002IMG_5001IMG_5007It was a great birthday party and all the kids had a blast!!  
Thank you SO much to everyone who came!!!!!