{Late} February Recap

I have not had time to blog in over a month! I have been so busy getting
ready for my childbirth class, becoming a leader for Denton County Birth
Network, oh and taking care of 3 young boys. :) Hopefully I will start blogging
more again, especially since I take pictures of the boys daily (they are so 
cute and funny) and I want to keep the grandparents up-to-date!  I know it's
now the end of March, but I didn't want to miss out on what we did in 
February, so here is my (super late) recap of February 2015:

Peggy got the boys a 3-month subscription to Kiwi Crate for Christmas. One
craft was making snowmen out of boxes and knocking them down with 
Then they got a chef's hat and apron to decorate with crayons:
20150204_095650 20150204_10035720150203_15411220150203_155824 Aiven's new "quiet time" spot is either the couch or mommy and daddy's bed 20150203_132536 Haircut for Aiven!20150205_132207 20150205_13330320150205_133927Sticker head!
20150206_102642 My sweet cuddly baby in his zipadeezip!  20150208_182347 Our full bath tub :)20150208_17075220150210_174717And somehow my BABY turned SIX months old.  That's half a year y'all!
20150206_164619Then we all (except me!!) got the stomach bug :(
20150209_19334920150212_100623 Cider probably didn't have the bug, but she didn't want to feel left out with all 
the laziness...20150211_103149 Then I came outside to find this:20150210_163310 and got surprised by this:20150210_163318 And this kid can't stay clean for anything...20150213_11400520150213_114011 Sawyer rode in the stroller for the first time like a big boy! 20150214_16320720150214_171250Carson was my little helper while Aiven was at Nana and Poppy's20150215_17400220150219_17500920150215_152114ALL the Grandkids at Nana & Poppy's house
20150216_110942My little super learners!20150219_090817Sawyer got a new highchair and he loves it!
20150218_152825Mimi came to visit for the weekend!!  We went to Trail Dust and Carson 
stuffed his face. :)  James also took the boys down the steepest slide ever. :)
20150216_183356We also celebrated her birthday while she was here!
20150220_143647And went to the park!
20150221_16101220150221_155850Then we went to TJ's FUN gymnastics/Jake-themed birthday party!!  We
ALL had the best time!!! 
20150222_16265720150222_17254620150222_17060420150222_17060020150222_16404020150222_16380220150222_16332820150222_163324Then we had fun with mustaches!
20150223_08280620150223_082840And ties :)
20150224_07311020150224_072904Eye-spy books with Nana and Papaw
20150223_183538A fun snack with their Jake boxes from TJ's birthday party!20150223_150306Fun get-together's with friends 
20150225_18574120150225_190543Sawyer found his toes :)
20150226_184901And really started sitting up! 
20150226_133641And then snow...lots of snow fun!!
20150225_07412920150225_085509Sledding in the icy street and down our neighbors driveway :)
20150223_12304720150223_12042820150223_12042420150223_12041320150227_131146IMG_3356IMG_3367IMG_336520150227_131353Nana and Poppy made the 40 minute drive from The Colony to Denton 
(picking up Reagan, Kayla, and Elaina) just to sled with the Grandkids! 
It was SO fun!!!!!!
IMG_3472IMG_3491  Sawyer was walked around by Nana almost the whole time and eventually 
fell asleep! IMG_3460IMG_3447IMG_3436 Even Hudson got to sled :)
IMG_3427IMG_3430IMG_3409IMG_3406IMG_3397IMG_3391IMG_3414IMG_3423IMG_3377 Carson trying to sled down the hill, without a sled...IMG_3394IMG_3462IMG_3481 Our street and home covered in snow :) So beautiful.
20150228_17080420150228_170824  So that was our February!!  How was yours?!




2 thoughts on “{Late} February Recap

  1. Always SO enjoy seeing glimpses into your dear family’s life! You guys have such a full & fun life. Each of your boys have their distinct look & all seem so sweet. It’s funny…the DBC’s financial system is called ACS…and I just noticed your boys have the same initials–same order (A-Aiven, C-Carson, S-Sawyer)… Random, but it helps me remember to make associations like that!! Looking forward to your March! Love to you all.

  2. Thank you Sharon for your sweet comment! We do have fun in the midst of hard at times!! But these boys are so sweet and such a blessing to James and I. 🙂

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