Carson is 2

WARNING: This post is FULL of pictures!!!

My sweet little Carsie boy is two years old today! As always, the past 2 years have gone by SO fast.  And once again Carson has grown up so much this past year!  He started running, climbing, talking, singing and really playing with Aiven.  He is such a joy and such a stinker, all at the same time!

Here are a few fun facts about Carson at 2 years old:

  • He loves to dress up.  He is always wearing a hat, shoes, goggles, etc.
  • He has to sleep with his “lamby” (a stuff animal/small blanket). He has 3, one of which is an actual lamb.  The other 2 are an elephant and a monkey.
  • He sucks his thumb.  His left thumb to be exact.
  • He likes to scream.  When he’s overly excited, he screams/laughs.  When he’s overly mad, he screams/cries.
  • He can count to 10.
  • He loves to sing and is pretty darn good at it too.  His favorite songs are “You Are My Sunshine” and “O Holy Night”.
  • He likes to be rocked before bed.
  • He can be pretty rough, especially with Sawyer.
  • He loves to play with Bubba.
  • He likes to wrestle.
  • He LOVES reading books
  • He LOVES looking at pictures, mostly on our phones.
  • He talks really well.
  • He likes to eat food by the handful.
  • He usually takes a 3 hour nap every day.
  • He likes watching Signing Time
  • He often takes breaks while playing to find his lamby or a tag, suck his thumb and lay his head down.
  • He enjoys being held.
  • He’ll hug anyone.
  • He just started praying last week (“Dear God, thank you Bubba, Mommy, Daddy, Soy Soy”)
  • He still sleeps in a crib.
  • He sometimes kicks when you pick him up to change his diaper or go to bed.
  • He likes to dance.

This morning he woke up to balloons everywhere and a donut breakfast, complete with a candle and the “happy birthday” song!

20150118_064322 20150118_080553 20150118_080604 20150118_080826

Then we went to church: (love these boys!)20150118_091119

After church we played outside (finally!), had lunch, and took naps.  After nap time we went to the Nette Shultz park!

IMG_2827 IMG_2831 IMG_2834

This is him screaming “CHEEEEEESE”:IMG_2836 IMG_2838 IMG_2850 IMG_2853 IMG_2855 IMG_2856 IMG_2869 IMG_2870 IMG_2877 IMG_2905 IMG_2921 IMG_2930

Can’t quite get cuter than this:IMG_2945 IMG_2951 IMG_2957

After the park we went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner. Then we went home for cake, cookies, ice cream, and presents!

IMG_2968 IMG_2969 IMG_2978 IMG_2980

We got him this book for his birthday.  It is a custom made book about a boy who lost his name and he goes through many adventures and collects letters and at the end finds his name and it is “Carson”!  IMG_2982

Then he got a Kiwi crate in the mail from my dad and Peggy! IMG_2985 IMG_2987 IMG_2993 IMG_2996 IMG_3001

Seriously can’t believe my second little baby boy is TWO!!!  This Saturday we will be having his “Hat Birthday Party!” and we are so looking forward to it!

If you want to read Carson’s birth story, click here.

Below are some of my favorite pictures of Carson from this last year:

IMG_6564 IMG_6661

He still makes this face often and usually has to do with Aiven doing something he doesn’t like:IMG_6744 IMG_6848 DSC_0924 IMG_6946 IMG_7123

IMG_0101 IMG_7176 IMG_7184 IMG_7201 IMG_7315 IMG_7336IMG_7424 IMG_7465 IMG_7581 IMG_7605 IMG_7761IMG_7795 IMG_7867 IMG_8139 IMG_8360DSC_2062 IMG_8560

In labor with Sawyer:


DSC_2926 20140916_150742 20141006_084657 20141008_110057 20141011_08162820141124_075523 20141124_090818 20141202_081056 20141202_165416 IMAG0084

20150103_101851 20150103_165904 IMG_2738


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