Christmas (Part 5)

Our next Christmas was on Christmas Day with my Dad & Peggy!  We headed over to their house after the boys took their naps.  We ate dinner and then opened stockings and our gifts!

We got some good pics of the boys in front of the Christmas tree 🙂

10700_10205786660485469_6879674253598935937_n 10157312_10205786660445468_1985612823146304704_n10906423_10205786661525495_6810452628918313415_n

These boys kinda love candy…not sure where they got their sweet tooth from 😉1012957_10205786661565496_3250112450314714493_n10897945_10205786662165511_837275110909088019_n10385550_10205786663765551_603798808458738802_n 10403440_10205786662805527_974660673190891940_n 10429385_10205786663525545_750594990218827168_n

Carson relaxing in our new outdoor chairs 🙂10888753_10205786664565571_361014163808164235_n 10892019_10205786662845528_5892919931632457393_n10898037_10205786663805552_4027530147632217060_n 10898267_10205786662765526_3148077609791179641_n

There was some Styrofoam boards from a gift and they loved karate chopping/kicking them!!10917347_10205786665485594_4034424249534061304_n 10923622_10205786665365591_8220127200440200859_nLast year my Dad & Peggy started doing a “basket gift” for us!  So at some point during the year they buy a big basket or box and then through out the year buy things here and there they think we would like or need and then give us the box full of stuff on Christmas!  It is so fun to get a box full of goodies and to know that they think of us through out the whole year when they are out shopping! 🙂

The Saturday after Christmas we got to spend some time with my nieces, Destiny & Sabrina and their mom & dad, Tabatha and Toby!  They quickly fell in love with the girls!! 🙂

10647133_10205786666405617_8475008183277954443_n 10906346_10205786618044408_6367092537886260012_n 10922833_10205786666685624_7324221353574880196_n


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