Paleo Toddler Food

Last week I made Aiven a recipe I found on Pinterest.  It didn’t go to a link, but just had the recipe right on the pin.  So I decided to try it and it was great! Aiven really liked it and the recipe made quite a bit.

They are kind of like pancakes but with nothing bad in it!

Paleo Toddler “Pancakes”


-1 cooked sweet potato

-Handful of spinach

-1 Banana

-1 Zucchini

-4 Eggs

-1 tsp of vanilla

-Dashes of cinnamon


-Boil or steam the sweet potato

-Then put it in a food processor (or blender) and blend until smooth

-Then add the zucchini – using the shredding blade (if using a blender, I would shred before putting it in)

-Then add the rest of the ingredients

-Then blend until smooth & well combined

-Then cook it like you would a pancake!

-Mine didn’t come out too well because I only used 3 eggs and I think it needed 4 or 5, so they look ugly, but tasted (& smelled) really good!

This recipe made quite a bit, so I kept some in the fridge for the rest of the week and the rest of it I froze!

They were Aiven approved!


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